Filtermist oil mist filter transforms atmosphere in grinding workshop



Large grinding machines create a lot of heat that instantly vaporises coolant. Open machines mean oil mist can easily enter the workshop atmosphere.


The Filtermist FX7000 large capacity oil mist filter has completely transformed the workshop, virtually eliminating all traces of oil mist in the atmosphere.

Multigrind Services

Precision grinding services and CNC machined parts

United Kingdom

Filtermist International has recently supplied Multigrind Services Ltd with a new oil mist filter unit, to compliment the company's twenty year old model. The new addition is the very latest design and the largest model available with airflow filtration at 2750m3/hr.

Based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, Multigrind provides a range of precision grinding services and CNC machined parts in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics. The company's success has been through its innovative and flexible approach, coupled with the ability to be highly competitive for niche and specialist work.

The machine shop houses a vast array of both traditional and CNC machinery and has a highly skilled workforce that is able to react quickly to provide innovative machining solutions for its customers. Projects include: hydraulic and pneumatic parts, gear wheels for military tanks, racing and Indy car parts for Renault F1, Lola Cars and even Ferrari wheel hubs! More details can be found at

The company's largest centreless grinder, a Cincinnati 3EA, is a tremendously powerful machine that can grind a bar up to 150mm in diameter and 4m in length! However the open-sided nature of this type of machine allows oil mist to go directly into the workshop atmosphere.

"One of our other machines already uses a Filtermist oil mist filter that is at least 15 or 20 years old and still running like new!"

MD Steve Worsdall comments: "The big centreless grinder uses a lot of power and creates a lot of heat, it instantly vaporises coolant into an airborne haze that fogs the workshop up. One of our other machines already uses a Filtermist oil mist filter that is at least 15 or 20 years old and still running like new! We wanted to create a more pleasant environment from a health and safety perspective so we asked Filtermist to help."

"The new Filtermist FX7000 collector has made a significant difference. The old filter unit is still running perfectly after all this time, but the capacity of the new model is astounding, it's completely transformed the workshop."

The Filtermist filter uses centrifugal impaction to collect the oil mist as it is sucked through the core of the unit, expelling clean air into the atmosphere and safely returning oil to the machine's reservoir. In open-sided applications such as this, fishtail hoods are placed close to the grinding wheel to capture the oil mist at source.